RAM Upgrade gone wrong?



Good Afternoon:

I recently upgraded my Dell Inspire 6400 laptop (with Vista Business) to 2GB
of RAM. This is the correct type of ram for this system and everything
checked out in the BIOS as well as Windows itself. I have run a memory test
as well.

What has happened since I installed the new RAM:

1. Superfetch started crashing on boot
2. Internet Explorer will no longer work
3. The computer has slowed right down in general.

I put the old RAm back in and the issues still continued. Any Suggestions?

(I have reset all web settings, disabled cookies, etc etc...

If I could I'd use windows safety live, but without internet explorer I
cannot browse there.

Thanks Everyone!

Not Me

If the old RAM is doing the same thing, I would recheck to be sure you
didn't knock anything loose while installing the new RAM.
Power down and reseat all the cards, cables, etc.
Be sure the fans are spinning up.
Check the BIOS settings, I have seen RAM upgrades mess up settings.
Make sure the virtual memory is set to 'system managed' size.
Good Luck

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