disk thrash


Stephen Porter

I have tried numerous things to stop this. Seems like after about 15 mins or
so my laptop will just thrash the disk for no damn reason. I cannot find a
single process that is causing this. I have tried it with superfetch off and
still does it. Also I have indexing turned off, as well as some services
that I don't need. This is on a toshiba with 1gb ram. I know it wouldnt hurt
to upgrade to 2gb, but I don't think this is a ram problem. Something is
running or what not to thrash m hd and i have no clue. It pisses me off that
Vista does this. Would rather have XP on this but it's a huge pain.




My laptop has intermittent disk activity as well. Doesn't seem to slow
anything down though, so it doesn't bother me.

One possibility is that Vista's disk defragmenter runs in the background.

If your computer is running well, why should you care? Maybe you are
getting worked up over nothing.

Stephen Porter

Haha, worked up for nothing is my middle name. But yeah computer actually
runs great. Just bugs me because i'm worried the hard drive won't last as
long :D hehehe. Anywho, yeah could be defrag. Gonna turn that off as I like
to do that manually.


Could it be Vista hitting the virtual memory? With 1 gb of ram, maybe that's
what it's doing. And probably some of that ram is being used by graphics,
which would mean there would be even less available and a greater need to go
to virtual memory.

Andre Da Costa[ActiveWin]

Could be a number of factors such as your Antivirus or Antispyware utilities
running in the background, the Windows Index service indexing files.



Mark R. Cusumano

With 1 Gig of RAM it could be page swapping. I had the same thing until I
added another Gig. Turning off defrag won't help as it only runs once a
week anyways.


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