Raid disk array Fasttrak 133 Lite- Promise 20276 chip set Options



am trying to do a fresh install (dvd boot) of Windows Vista Pre RC1
utilizing Promise Raid 0. I am using a Gigabyte GA-8IHXP motherboard that has
a built in Promise Raid Function with a promise chip set 20276. I have been
running Windows XP Pro with this set-up just fine.

I swapped my existing hard drive disk array with two brand new ones. Booted
up the computer and it recognized the raid array just fine. When I get
further into the vista installation, it sees the two hard drives as separate
drives, not as an array. But if I try to select either of the drives, it says
something that it cannot recognize the devise. Any ideas?
I got this response from Gigabyte....


Unfortunatley there are no drivers currenlty available for Windows Vista,
drivers should be ready when the OS is officially released

Thank you

This is what I sent them:

2006/9/8 20:59
Question :

I am trying to install Vista on my computer.

Here's the report of Vista Upgrade Advisor for my machine:-

Category Model:
WinXP Promise MBFastTrak133 Lite â„¢ Controller


Action Required:
Contact the manufacturer to install the new device driver

Where can I get Windows Vista compatible drivers for my My Promise Fasttrak
133 light promise 20276 chip set that is integrated into my motherboard? I
have been unable to get Vista to reconignize my current Promise drivers.

During the installation process I get to the screen that says:

“No drives were found. Click Load Driver to provide a mass storage driver
for installation.â€

I next clicked on Load Driver

A screen pops up and says:

“To install the device driver needed to access your hard drive, insert the
installation media containing the driver files, and then click OK.

Note: the installation media can be a floppy disk, CD, DVD, or USB flash

So, I take it to the floppy where the drivers are located and it says
“Select the driver to be installed.â€

My driver is listed as “WinXP Promise MBFastTrak133 Lite ™ Controller

There is also a box at the bottom of the screen that is checked that says:
“Hide drivers that are not compatible with hardware on this computer.â€

After it loads the drivers a new window pops up and says “Where do you want
to install Windows?â€

It shows two separate hard drives Disk 0 and Disk 1

At the bottom of the screen it shows a yellow triangle with an explanation
point and says, â€This computer’s hardware may not support booting to this
disk. Ensure that that the disk’s controller is enabled in the computer’s
BIOS menu.â€

As I have said earlier, I have my BIOS configured for a raid array. I am
already using that raid array with windows xp. It appears that Vista is not
recognizing the xp drivers.

Model Name : GA-8IHXP(Rev 3.0)
M/B Rev : 3.0
BIOS Ver : 2.5
Serial No. :
Purchase Dealer :
VGA Brand : ATi Model :
CPU Brand : Intel Model : Speed :
Operation System : Vista SP :
Memory Brand : Type : RAMBUS
Memory Size : 1GB Speed : 1066
Power Supply : 450 W




I would think the response from them says it all
Currently no supported drivers.
Hurry up and wait



Peter M

I'd say he needs a miracle. ASUS abandoned the boards with those chips some
yrs ago. Now gigabyte is part of ASUS since they got bought. And Promise is
the one that writes the drivers, not ASUS or Giga, and they abandoned
support for that chip roughly a bit before ASUS did.

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