radio noise on phoneline



Hello I have a problem in that when ever my computer is turned on and is
connected to the phone socket you can hear a radio if the telephone is used.
It immediately stops if the telephone line going to the computer is
disconnected. Can anyone help with this issue


My sister live near a radio broadcast tower and I don't have good news.
Her situation is a little worse: The radio station can be heard from
pretty much anything that is plugged into an electric socket. She
doesn't own a stereo because the radio station can be heard in the
backround through the speakers. PC speaker do the same. You can
actually hear the radio station coming from the stove coils. Mostly it
is hear loudest coming through the phone line (in the phone and
answering machine). I went to Radio Shack and tried a few different
filters some helped a little but did not elliminate the problem. They
have complained to the station and the local government but no solution
has been found to date. Good luck and if anyone out there has a
solution I, also, would love to hear it!

Feb 27, 2017
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Try running any audio cables or wires through a fer-rite core several times as this creates a very high impedance to RF signals while not affecting the audio. I have found that it is the best cure for RF interference.

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