Radeon R9 Nano Small Form Factor Overclocking


Mar 25, 2003
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Hard OCP have been overclocking the Radeon R9 Nano Small Form Factor, and here's a snippet from their review:

Today, we are going to take the same system build as our last evaluation (in the Corsair 250D) and now overclock the XFX Radeon R9 Nano. The first question we have is can we push the Nano to AMD Radeon R9 Fury X performance? The AMD Radeon R9 Nano is after all using the same GPU as the Fury X. The Fury X has a 275W TDP and the Nano a 175W TDP. We want to find out if the Nano is capable of being pushed up to at least Fury X performance with that small headroom with the TDP.

Then we want to see if we can push it further, perhaps by increasing the voltage. We are also interested to see how high HBM can overclock. We will take our highest overclock and then compare performance and see how the Nano stacks up with an overclock. Very important to note, this review is using the exact same build from our last evaluation in the Corsair 250D case. The same hardware, the same games, the same exact drivers are being used.


Read the full review here.

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