R300 Paper Jam!!


Dama DJ


this ones been driving me crazy!

my R300 originally had a General Error, which i fixed. (the lock, lever,
slider came off the in system)

now when i print, the paper feeds as normal but when it gets to print
position it either shuffles the paper back and forward
then gives paper jam error message or moves it forward 2 inches and then
gives the error message.
There is no apper in the way, beacuse when you click the maintainance button
afterward the paper feeds through fine,
also i have checked there is no paper or other objects in the way.

I have checked that the ASF is seated correctly and works ok, i have had the
LD roller shaft off and checked the paper edge sensor torsion spring is ok
and all
connections are on the main board ok.

another possibility is that the sensors on the botom of the carridge are
dirty, as you know the R300 does cd printing and there fore uses
the sensors to see where the cd tray is, im wondering if the paper works in
the same way?
it prints a nozzle check fine, anything else does not print.

any information i am grateful for.




Arthur Entlich

You are correct that some Epson printers use reflective light sensors to
determine position or width of paper. This is more common with the wide
carriage models, but may also be true of the CD printers.

There are, as you have implied, a number of relatively sophisticated
interacting processes to move the paper along. Keep in mind the printer
paper transport is capable of some pretty small incremental steps.

I cannot say for sure the cause of the problem you are experiencing,
however, if the paper pick up slips even slightly so that the delivery
timing of the paper edge to the paper sensor is delayed, the response
you are experiencing is common.

Paper slippage can be caused by slight glazing of the paper transport
wheels, and since more inkjet paper contains a coating that tends to
transfer to the transport rollers, it may be the cause.

I suggest cleaning the paper pick up wheels with isopropyl alcohol to
remove any glazing.

If they are difficult to get to, try using an inexpensive thicker paper,
like student watercolor or printing paper (only use non-coated papers
designed for regular artwork not coated inkjet specific papers) spray
the paper on one side with isopropyl alcohol enough to get it damp, by
not limp. Keep away from the edges (1" or so). Then run it through the
printer without printing using load and eject buttons or functions.
Turn it around several times and do it several times.

Then run clean bond paper through to dry it. If you need to repeat the
process, add more alcohol to the paper since it will evaporate fairly
rapidly, and if it gets dirty, replace it.

Try the printer again and see if it works any better.


Dama DJ

thanks for the replies,
however dont think its the rollers, hav had them out and cleaned with Roller
Rubber Restorer (very similar to what you suggest)
had a word with an experianced epson tech, said sound like the angle that
the paper is going in at is not quite right.

will let you know how it pans out






another possibility is that the sensors on the botom of the carridge are
dirty, as you know the R300 does cd printing and there

I know for sure, this is the problem. I paid 20 euros (about 25 usd)
for fixing a R200 printer from the same damage.
I don't know where is the sensor -it's for sure on the carriage-. If you
find the sensor drop me a note in my email:
IN (at) MAILBOX (dot) GR

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