Question Re: Admin and limited accounts



I''ve just got a new notebook that I use alot at hotspots, so I figured I''d
do things "right" and start using a limited account when I'm at a hootspot.
I'm completely new to the use of different accounts though. Here's the

There appear to be 3 accounts I can use: There's the original Admin.
account, the secondary Admin. account that windos forces you to create and
then there's the limited account that I want to use at HS's.

Do I have to keep both Admin. accounts? It seems redundant, but there may be
a reason for this I don't understand.

Thanks for any enlightenment.



Steven L Umbach

You can leave both administrator accounts if you want but you might want to
disable the built in administrator account being sure to first give it a
strong password that you write down somewhere safe as most likely you will
need to use it someday by booting into Safe Mode. Be sure to use strong
passwords on all your user accounts as weak passwords are still the number
one vulnerability. Of course also make sure your Windows Firewall is enabled
or use another software firewall. --- Steve


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