Question: How to toggle easily between Speakers & USB type headphones



Hi everybody,

Not a problem but a question.

I have these headphones / microphone which use a USB connection. I use them
primarily with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Right know, to switch the audio output between Speakers and Headphones I
have to go toControl Panel >>> Sounds (I put a shortcut on my desktop) , and
set whichever I want (speakers or headphones) as default device. I also have
to swicth between the headphone associated microphone, and another one which
is connected directly to the sound card. I use it with Skype.

Easy enough, but it means several manipulations, which I do several times
per day. Sometimes I forget to do something, and it becomes irritating.

I was wondering if it is possible to get somewhere a small utility to toggle
easily and rapidly between the output devices and, why not, input devices


many thanks in advance for your kind help.

with best regards,


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