Question about using LDIFDE to make schema changes to AD


Robert Gordon

I am in the prep stages of upgrading my Win2K domain controllers to Win2K3.
We are currently running two Win2K AD DC controllers, and an Exchange 2000

In KB article 325379, it mentions that sine we already have made the schema
changes that Exchange 2000 applies to AD, that a schema modification to must
be done by hand before doing a domain prep and a forestprep in preparing for
upgreading to Win2K3.

The section of the KB article that I'm stuck on is the following:

Type the following command, and then press ENTER, where <X> is a
case-sensitive constant (dc=corp,dc=tailspintoys,dc=com) and <dn path for
forest root domain> is the domain name path for the root domain of the
c:\iop>ldifde -i -f inetorgpersonprevent.ldf -v -c DC=<X> "<dn path for
forest root domain>"

I'm confused as to what the correct syntax is for the entries DC = <X> and
"<dn path for forest root domain>".

Our domain is a very simply single level domain (i.e. so for
the <X> variable should that just be DC = company, DC = com?

Even if I've assumed that correctly, I still am unsure about what the forest
root domain part of the command should be.

Any help you can offer is greatly apprecited.




Matjaz Ladava [MVP]

Hi Robert,

-c DC=<X> "<dn path for forest root domain>" part of ldifde import is used
to substitute DC=X references in ldf file with the dn of your forest root.
So if you have only single domain, then that is your forest root. In your
case this would be

-c DC=X "dc=company,dc=com"

you can also chnge your ldf file for InetOrgPersonFix, by changing DC=X
references to dc=company,dc=com entries.


Matjaz Ladava, MCSE, MCSA, MVP
Microsoft MVP - Active Directory
(e-mail address removed), (e-mail address removed)

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