Question about Seagate Warranty service


Ar Q

My one month old Seagate 80GB hard drive recently became quite noisy, unlike
my WD and another Seagate whose spinning sound I can barely hear, this one
generates a very unpleasant sound like something is hitting the platter.
Otherwise, all applications I run have no problem so far. I am considering
to send it back to Seagate and have two related questions:

(1) If I return this, will Seagate replace it with a new hard drive? I used
to buy one refurnished Seagate 80 GB at CompUSA. It is cheap but it also has
a noise 10 times higher than normal one. I had to retire that one after two
weeks because I can't stand it and bought only retail hard drives since.

(2) What is the cheapest way to send it back to Seagate? Do I have to use
UPS or FedEx, or regular Parcel at Post Office is sufficient?


Ar Q


I would assume that Seagate would send you a refurbished drive as a
If they did not have any refurbished, then they would send you a new drive.

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