Query won't for editing in design view in 2007



I have a query that will not open for editing in Access 2007 design view.
There is an error message that comes up that states the following: " is not a
valid name. Make sure it does not contain invalid characters or punctuation
and that it is not too long. I need to edit the query but can not find a way
to open it to edit.

The query is in a database that was converted from 2003 to 2007, however, if
I open the 2003 database version in 2007 without converting I still have the
same problem.

When run the query functions correctly without any errors. I just can't
edit it which is a problem. This seems to be a bug in Access 2007. Anyone
know how to resolve it?

Jerry Whittle

Can you open the 2003 version in Access 2003. Then copy the SQL statement and
instert it into the 2007 version.

You might also want to post the SQL statement here to see if there is
anything what we can see going on.

Another possibility is that database is corrupt causing these issues. Open a
new, blank database and import everything from the original to it. If that
query won't import, then it's certainly corrupt.

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