Query modem problem: "port already open"



I am trying to write an application to send sms from a PC via a
gsm modem connected to that pc but i sometimes get a problem when i
try to get the connection with the modem.

When i connect the usb cable from the phone to the port and go to
either Control
Pannel -> Phone and Modem Options, select the gsm modem and try to
query it or when i open Hyperterminal and try to make a new
to the COM port i get a message: "Port already opened".

This means another application openes a connection with my port and
keeps it opened. the problem gets solved if i restart the computer
(sometimes i have to restart it several times to be able to query the

How can i detect what application openes a communication with the
port? and how can i prevent this to hapen? and why does it happen?

I have run these tests on different pc's and it hapened on each of
them. but not always.

I would highly appreciate any sugestions,

Thank you,

(e-mail address removed)


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