Putting restrictions in a split database


Daniel P.

Is there a way to block specific objects in the front-end of the split
database (Access 2007) ?

Right now, every object (forms, queries, macros, modules, etc.) could be
easily edited in Design view, but actually there is only one form that I need
the user to fill out (so I can't lock the whole thing up since I need some
user input). Therefore, I can't make an ACCDE file out of it, because that
would forbid any changes in the future, whether they are wanted or not. I
need users to access certain parts of the file while , so I guess network
security won't help me there.



Tom van Stiphout

On Fri, 19 Feb 2010 12:45:01 -0800, Daniel P.

I don't get it. You seem to indicate you don't want to create an ACCDE
because you want your users to enter data in one form.
That's perfectly possible in an ACCDE, as you will find out if you
try. What is not possible in that version is for users to make design
changes. For that they would have to come back to you, and you would
use your ACCDB to do that.

You did split your app in front-end and back-end, yes?

Microsoft Access MVP

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