Pulling data from one workbook to another one using VBA

Apr 9, 2013
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Hi Excel Gurus... First time posting in this forum :bow:

I recently started doing some minor work in Excel through VBA, but not much of an expert.

I currently have 2 (or more) workbooks. One of them is a "Master" workbook, and the other one we'll call "Today".

What I want vba to do is to look into "Today" and locate a column that will match another one in "Master" workbook, and start pulling today's data into the first available row in the Master workbook, so to keep a record of everyday's data in one workbook and not do it manually...

Can it be done? Sorry if this is too basic :cry: I've tried all over the web but maybe I just don't understand :confused:

Thanks in advance.!!

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