Pull value from another sheet



I have multiple sheets in my workbook. On the first sheet, I am pulling data
from all the other sheets for a comparison. I need to pull in a commission
level for specific group numbers.

Here is what I need: Sheet 1 K3 is where my formula is. I need to match the
value from sheet 1 B3 to sheet 2 I4. Then, if they match, I want the value
from sheet 2 N4 to show up in sheet 1 K3. Another issue may be that on sheet
two there may be multiple group numbers that are the same, however all
commission levels for a group number are the same. So I guess I could go
average or median if that would help the formula.

If someone could help me out, that would be amazing! Let me know if you need
any clarification, also. Thanks!!!


In sheet 1 B3 enter
='sheet 2'!I4
or alternatively select sheet 1 B3 enter "=" then select sheet 2 and click
in cell I4 then press enter (this will automatically fill in the same
formula, and take you back to sheet 1).
After that I'm afraid you lost me. What is it that should be matching.
You can do the same to put sheet 2 N4 into sheet 1 K3, but you said at the
start that sheet 1 K3 has a formula in it ???
And how do the multiple group numbers have an affect.



I have a long list of plan numbers on sheet 2. I want a formula that
basically says if sheet 2 I4 = sheet 1 B3 then the value from sheet 2 N4 to
show up in sheet 1 K3. I was unsure if there were mutiple plan numbers (sheet
2 I4) and multipe percentages in sheet 2 N4, how that would correlate back to
one cell in sheet 1. I am sorry this is so confusing, but this is why I have
spent about a day trying to figure out this one formula! Thank you for your



Sorry for the delay, the plug got pulled at microsoft. I am still confused
by your question, where is your list of plan numbers it must be in more than
one cell, and what is are 'multiple plan numbers' and 'multiple
percentages'. Could you be more specific, it sounds like you may need to use
a lookup or a match formula.


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