Summing up various Worksheets to one Summary sheet using variables



I am trying to sum up values from a different worksheet within the workbook
but what I want to sum up is:

Work sheet 2: is the data that I will be pulling from

Work Sheet 1: is my summary in Cell B3
I want it to sum up from Work sheet 2 = if Cell B3 says "Boy" and if cell
C3 says "Girl" then take total from D4 and place in cell B3 in worksheet 1
(work sheet 2 cells B3 and C3 have drop down Variations)

and is it possible to take the above formula and do multiple worksheets to
add up the same formula?

Hope this makes sense ?




can you try using the below formula in Sheet1 B3

Yes you can do it for multiple worksheets

*Click YES if this helps

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