publish updated website, but old website comes up instead



I downloaded my old website into frontpage and made some adjustments to
it. When i go to publish it, the old homepage from my previous website
comes instead of the new one, the hyperlinks dont even work.
When i preview my website in browser format, everything works fine. Any

David Berry

What's the name of your home page (ex: Index.htm, Default,htm)? What might
have happened is that when you published it down locally the name may have
been changed so when you published it back there are now 2 home pages and
the server will pick the first one in it's list of default documents (home
pages). For example, if your home page was index.asp and you publish it
down to a disk-based web (ex: C:\myWeb) FP will change it to index.htm

You can also open your live site in FP and just delete the old home page.

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