Publish "sits" there on large site; works on small


Bert Nancarrow

Okay... I've tried to read all the related items but I don't quite see
anything that works or applies for me.


old Pentium (before they called it a 1) clone box
new big hard disk (oh oh)
Linksys cable/DSL firewall router


Windows 98 freshly installed on a new hard disk (oh oh)
FrontPage 98
Personal Web Server (a fairly old version, 2 maybe)


Unix box, Apache I think

Before I changed the hard disk and completely reinstalled all the OS and
application software, this environment (under a heavily tweaker Windows
95) worked perfectly fine. I regularly updated web sites in FP98 and
published only the new/changed files.

Now, if I create a new site in FrontPage and Publish the content to a
unique directory on the server, again, everything works fine. Subsequent
publishing sends changed or new content only. As it should.

But I have a couple of large sites, 200 to 300 files each, that I've
reinstalled locally. And of course they've become unsynchronised with
the server. No prob. Late at night I try to (re)publish the whole site
up. Start the process, provide the correct server, directory, login. It
says there are no Server Extensions, fine. Starts using Webpost. Then it
shows the progress dialog and says: 313 files to transfer...

And sits there.

No activity.

Why is it that it worked behind the firewall before?
Why is it that it works now on a new/small site?

I'm stumped.

(Obviously, I'm using FTP software in the meantime. But I want the nice
one button Publish back!)

ANY suggestions would be helpful.




Jim Buyens

Try this:

Connection Times Out During Publish

Jim Buyens
Microsoft FrontPage MVP
Author of:
|| Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 Inside Out
|| Web Database Development Step by Step .NET Edition
|| Microsoft FrontPage Version 2002 Inside Out
|| Faster Smarter Beginning Programming
|| (All from Microsoft Press)

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