PST file trouble



I'm about to install a new terminal server, and want to get rid of the error
message my users get on the old, when opening Outlook: "The path specified
for the file C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Local Settings\Application
Data\Microsoft\Outlook\archive.pst is not valid."

I don't know why this message appear. I know that there is a group policy
setting that deletes the roaming profile at log off, and another which states
the default location of the pst file to a folder in the home folder. The last
one is in effect also on the workstations.

We also have some troubles with "Use Cached Exchange Mode", which I suspect
has something to do with PST files.

I've inherited this undocumented enviroment, and I don't know how to
approach this, since I now very little about pst files in general.

Therefore, I'd like some help with these issues, but also, or instead, some
help on where to find technical information about pst files, cached exchange
mode, and these issues together with Terminal Services and roaming profiles.

Thank you for your time.


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