PST FILE too large even after deletes



MS Outlook 2003 on XP PRO.

My co worker has a bajillion emails saved in large personal folders. She
recently tried to move some more emails to them and got an error message
about PST File too large. So i had her save the pst to a different location
as an archive, and start deleting things out of her Large Personal Folders
(LPF). She did that and then tried to move stuff to the LPF but it gave the
same mesage as before. There is an outside chance (<1%) that she didn't
delete enough.

How can she save more email without deleting? For obvious, corporate
reasons, she can't just leave things in her inbox.

Her fiance suggested that she create an additional LPF and then save to
there. Does that sound right?

Thank you so much.


Could you please elaborate on this process? We can't figure out what you
want us to click on.

Thank you.

Also are there any other ways to deal with this because I am sure that she
will outgrow this capability.

Also Will this interefere with her accessing past emails at all, like a zip
folder might?


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