Proxy Address Changing



Dear Readers!

I work in a company which has a large windows server 2003 network with
300+ XP clients.

At 2 of our remote sites (30+ users) the proxy address keeps changing
back to an older proxy address.

These sites each have a server connected to the domain which only issue
DHCP addresses and nothing more.

When the customers leave these 2 remote sites in question they have no

We also have a lock down policy which defines the correct proxy
connection which works fine across the company, the other 2 policy's
which apply to the clients contain no references to the old proxy or
anything slightly proxy related?

The proxy setting changes back to the old one a few times a day and
also Automatically Detect Proxy settings is selected.

Has anyone encountered this issue before or would be able to point me
in a alternative direction as i'm really stuck!

Any help would be great and most appercaited!!!!

Cheers everyone n anyone.


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