"Prompt to save Normal template" seems broken in 2007


Monte Fisher

In Word 2003, when I have "Prompt to save Normal template" checked, it only
asks me if I want to save the Normal template if I've changed something in
the way Word functions, such as a keyboard shortcut or style. 2007 asks
every single time, regardless -- for example, I open a document and read it
without changing ANYthing, close it and close Word, it asks me whether I want
to save the Normal template. This is pretty annoying, especially if one has
the preview enabled in Vista's Windows Explorer (if you're previewing a Word
document, when you close Windows Explorer, Word asks if you want to save the
Normal template -- argh!)

Is there any way to make 2007 ask me only if I've changed something in the
Normal template(as in the good ol days of 2003)?

Jay Freedman

Word 2007 is no more prone to prompt for saves to the Normal template than
2003 was -- but in both versions that constant request is usually a sign
that some macro or add-in is messing with the template. See

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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all may benefit.

Monte Fisher

Interesting, but none of the things listed there applies to me -- nor can I
see how they could conceivably apply to a Word doc viewed in the preview pane
of Windows Explorer (while Word itself is not open)....

Monte Fisher

Sooooooo, from the echoing silence, I infer this is just broken and there's
no fix. How boring of M$ to break something so simple in the process of
"upgrading" a product that worked pretty much ok....

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