Word 2007 Quick Parts not saving



Hello - When I create a Quick Part in Word 2007 then exit from Word, I am not
getting the prompt "You have modified styles, building blocks" etc. asking me
if I want to save changes to Building Blocks.dotx. So my Quick Parts are not
being saved. How can I get this prompt back? I have tried checking and
unchecking the Word Advanced Option to "Prompt before saving Normal template"
but that doesn't make a difference either way. (Background on how I create
the Quick Part: I name it, choose gallery "Quick Parts," Category "General,"
Save in "Building Blocks.dotx," Options "Insert Content Only.") Thank you!

Stefan Blom

If you try saving the Quick Part in the Normal template instead, then does it
save properly? If it does, your Building Blocks.dotx file might be damaged.
Exit Word and delete the Building Blocks.dotx file in your user profile (do
NOT delete the one in your Program Files folder); a fresh copy will be
recreated the next time you start Word.

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