Programs and software is not launching.



I currently using a Sony laptop with window vista home premium. Few day
ago, my laptop started to have some malware called Antimalware docto
and Your protection so, i tried spyware doctor to remove it but i
didn't seem to work so i had to remove it in regedit area. Luciky, th
malware removed but my whole system is down. I can hardly start m
laptop in a normal mode as I can't get into the login screen. But, eve
after the winsow started up, none of the program were able to open u
after about 10 mins and the program openned were soon not responding
including the task manager. So is there anyone know what's the proble
is and how can i fix this


Because you had one piece of malware, the chances are also high that you had
It would be a good idea to scan.

I recommend downloading and installing MalwareBytes' Antimalware (MBAM) and
SUPERAntiSpywaÑe (SAS).

Do a full scan with MalwaÑeBytes' and SUPERAntiSpywaÑe.



The programs are free. (There is a paid version but you don't need to buy it
to remove malware.)

Good luck


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