Programming Outlook from MS Access (Inbox)



I have written code in MSAccess to send e-mails with no trouble (can program
receipients, ccs, attachments, etc.)
What I would like to do is:
Examine incoming e-mails and match them against e-mails of the person that
sent them.
When some one sends an e-mail I can store the sender. time and the
receipient, but I don't know how to examine incoming e-mails.
(The e-mail should come back to the person who originally sent it so that
may not be any part of this problem. I would like to match a receiived
e-mail, but I have no idea how to examine what is in the inbox ).


Although I'm not clear on what you're trying to do, the best way to
monitor incoming emails is with event handlers in Outlook, not Access.

You could try a class module (in Access) with an early-bound reference
to Outlook, and see if you can use the WithEvents keyword to hook into
the Outlook.Application object.


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