Help programming macro



I am new to VBA programing, and I looking for some simple help. I like
to create a macro for Outlook that once it is run, it will create
several e-mails and pre-fill the e-mail address from e-mails in my
personal contact folder or from a list of programed beforehand e-mail

Every month I send reports to a group of clients on my database, and I
find very tedious to create a new e-mail and type or select from the
contacts the same old email addresses. Every receipient gets a
different report, so I cannot set them as a "group". I need to create
a separate individual e-mail for every one (about 20 receipients) , and
the write a note to each and attach the report.

What I like is run a macro and automatically create 20 e-mails and have
the macro insert the e-mail addresses automatically. I don't want to
send the e-mails until I am finish adding my notes.

I really appreciate any help on this. Thanks a million for any help

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