Profiles Loading Slow - Need help with advanced logging



Note: Not sure where to post this, but I've also. posted under server 2003
with no response.

I'm using Mandatory profiles on PC's in one of my labs on Server 2003

The profiles load very slow and I can't figure out why. I don't see
anything abnormal in the event viewer and was curious of other ways to do

When I log on, the
"Loading your personal settings" is very quick < 5 seconds
"Applying your personal setting" is the slow part >60 seconds

Logging off also takes significant time also.
"Logging off" >40 seconds
"Saving settings" <5 seconds

The reason I believe this isn't normal is because I have other PC's in
another lab that are much quicker, but were ghosted from a different image.
They load much quicker.

Any ideas on a place to look or how I can perform a more detailed log to see
why it's taking so long.

Thanks for any help.
Luke Tomsha

Philipp Ott, Wien


I m sorry I dont know how to enable such logging myself.

But we have seen similar problems and one trick to speed up login was to
clean up the profiles. We use for this.

Also when people use local outlook storages and they grow login and logout
takes longer. Changing to exchange accounts and removing any local storages
speeded up login as well.

Aside from this make sure with netdiag and dcdiag that DNS and ADS run
smooth and that there are no problems reported in any event log. I remember
one time login took also very long because one DC's sysvol was corrupted and
replication didnt work properly. However, the domain was working, just slow.
Once we saw this and corrected the problem suddenly many network operations
(as well as login) speeded up.


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