Slow Logon XP SP2 onto AD Domain




I have a laptop that logs users on very slowly after a reboot. Any
Logging on a 2nd time is very fast, just the initial log on is quite

DNS config appears correct in ipconfig all.
Logons to other workstations are normal.
UserA with 3GB profile is the same as UserB profile of 0.8MB
(mostly cached mail on 3GB profile)
UserA & UserB can log onto another workstation in 10-15 seconds (not
caching email)

Logon process & time
Type username & password, click ok
**wait about 2 minutes with this logon screen 'inactive while
next window 'loading personal settings' takes about 1 minute
next window '?' quite fast (logon script to map drive perhaps)
loading applications 1 or 2 minutes (normal for this laptop)

Senario #1
UserA turn on computer, logon - 5 minutes
UserA log off, then logon - 30 seconds

Scenario #2 - not sure what would happen here
UserA turn on computer, logon - 5 minutes
UserA log off
UserB log on - ?


To add to this issue MS Article 832161 Did not help any:
-SP 2 and latest updates installed
-No proxy server in network
-Network provider order Web Client Network at bottom of list
-IE installed from XP CD installation and updated from Windows Update
-WebClient service - disabling this service has no affect

Not starting the "Workstation" service at startup allows the logon to
be very fast. BUT, no network (& drives) are available.

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