Product Key Activation Redundancy



Well, I've had the Beta for about a month now, and the whole time I've been
getting an issue where I've had to repeatedly activate the product key I
recieved from Microsoft for my Vista Beta. I would successfully activate the
product online, and it would state I've completed activation. But every few
reboots, it will once again... require an activation. My only resolution at
the time was to just, activate it again.

No real problem I guess, so I just treated it as bug, and reported it

Recently though, I've began to require to activate immediately after logging
in, which once again was quickly taken care of with another activation... no
problem. Although now, I've been getting problems now saying the product key
I entered was in use. I had recieved a back-up key from Microsoft (don't
know why/how) and used that to fix that problem.

But now that key has the same issue now. And I'm locked out of Vista.

I've tried an over the phone activation, and that failed. They referred me
to the customer service number, who at the time, turned me away, since it was
for the not supported Vista Beta.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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