Product key already in use




Some time ago, I bought a new computer, and Windows Vista with it. Some days
ago windows updated itself, and then I couldn't log-in anymore, I tried
repairing it with the Vista's DVD and system restore points, but that did not
help cause it just reinstalled and applied the same updates again, and
prevented me to login. Tried other functions on the DVD too, didn't help. So
it suggested me to reinstall windows.

So I did, now everything works again and I'm able to login, but now Windows
Activation says that: "The product key you typed is already in use". How to
solve this new problem? Will it "remove" the earlier activation when its
inactive for a while, then I can activate windows again? ..Or do I always
have to buy a new Vista when upgrading messes up computer?

Thanks already.


Hi incd,

The reason for this message is because the key is already in use - BY YOU!
To reactivate, you will have to use the phone option. Note that the first
part will also fail as it is merely an alternative method of transferring the
codes as per the Internet method. Instead, hold the line until an operator
answers and explain to him your situation. There should be no problem in
reactivating Vista if you follow his instructions. Basically, all the
operator does is to override the activation server to allow you to reactivate.


Ok the next problem,

I bought and installed Microsoft Office, and ran Windows Update. After a
reboot I get this instead of the normal login screen:

Any solutions? Sytem restore points did not help cause safe mode gives the
same dialog. I have to re-re-re install Vista? (Sorry about the picture
quality, taken with a cellphone)


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