Problems with a graphics card



Dear All

I've been having problems with my graphics card/display adaptor which
is a GeFore 2 MX400 65MB

Basically I was messing around with my machine, trying my friends
graphics card in there, but when I re inserted my old one and switched
my PC on again I just got a blank screen and the power indicator of my
monitor flashing on and off.

I've now partially fixed it. I disabled the card whilst in safe mode
and reinstalled drivers I got from the official NVIDIA site BUT it only
works in at 8 bit colour quality and 600 X800 resolution. If I try to
increase it above that resolution to what it was before (32 bit colour
and 1024 X 768), then its back to a black screen with the power light
flashing on and off.

I have an idea what has caused this. It's something I did but can't
remember how to undo. When the problem first started happening windows
displayed a message about memory. It suggested that my computer was
using too much memory of something similar and I should adjust it. I
followed the instructions to do this but at the time it made no
difference. Anyway now I have the card partially working again I think
I need to change this memory thing back now but can't remember what.

Would anyone be able to guess at what the problem is and how to fix it?
It may have nothing to do with this memory thing. I would appreciate
any suggestions anyone could give.

Thanks for your help



Probably caused by failing to uninstall vid.drivers prior to
Your current card is not useing the correct driver or you have
corrupted/version problem.
There is a vid.driver uninstall utility available from I recollect either or

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