Problems reading Vista 64-Bit OS installation DVD after clone copy



Ok, I have installed a copy of Vista 64-Bit OS OEM 6 months ago, but, I was
running out of disk space.

So, I did a clone copy of my original installed Vista 64-bit OS and other
installed software using "Seagate DiscWizard" from the old hard drive to the
new hard drive (250GB>500GB). Everything went fine, I now have my original
Vista 64-Bit with all my installed software on the larger hard drive.

My Question :

When ever I pop my Vista 64-Bit OS installation CD in the DVD drive it does
not read the disk, it appears like it's not there. Nor, I can not bootup
with the Vista 64-Bit OS installation CD (If I were to reinstall a fresh
copy of Vista)...What causes this?

Other things I've tried, I have a notebook computer and I inserted the Vista
64-Bit OS installation CD in the DVD drive. My notebook computer read the
disk and I can explore the contents.

John Barnes

How are you trying to read it? Can you read any other disks. Will it boot
with other bootable disks? Could be your drive needs cleaned.

Ted F

I can read many other CD's with the dvd drive, such as the original Dell
Vista 32-bit installation CD. Plus, this disk (the dell vista 32-bit
installation cd) can bootup as if I wanted to install this operating system
and also, the dell vista 32-bit installation cd can read in windows on the
same computer.

I have no problems reading many different CD/DVD's. I just can't read the
Vista Ultimate 64-Bit OEM dvd anymore, either way from booting up from the
dvd or reading in windows.

I just bought a new dvd drive to see if thats the problem. I'm still waiting
for the dvd drive to be delivered to me.

Ted F

Also, I can read the Vista Ultimate 64-Bit OEM dvd in my notebook computer,
just not my main computer.

Question : Does microsoft lock the vista installation oem dvd's if you
install just once in a computer? I spent $179.00 for the Vista Ultimate
64-Bit OEM dvd, do I have to buy another one?

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