Problems printing to a network printer from Win XP or Win 2003 Ser



I am having problems printing from Win XP or Win 2003 Server to a network

On the Win XP (or Win 2000 Server) machine, I used the "Net Use LPT1:" to
map a network printer to the LPT1 port on the PC. When I use "Net Use", the
status for LPT1 is shown as OK.

I have an application implemented where I configure it to use LPT1 for
printing, but when a print job is ready to be sent to the printer port (from
the application), the PC loses its LPT1 connection (the status displayed as
"disconnected" when Net Use command is used).

This only happens on Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server. I can print fine
from the application installed on Windows 2000. So, it seems that this could
be related to some security settings, which have been changed for the Win XP
and higher O/S.


I'm still having problems printing even after using the command:

NET USE LPT1: \\servername\printername /PERSISTENT:YES

The command is successful, and the LPT1 status shows "OK".
But whenever my application tries to print to that port, the LPT1
connections shows "disconnected". This only happens from Win XP and Win 2003
Server, but works OK from Win 2000.

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