Capture LPT1(dos) to network works for all but 1 printer




Local machines: winxp SP3
server: Windows2003 SBS

I have several dos programs that print to LPT1.

I've used NET USE LPT1 \\servername\printername to redirect this to our
network printers, and it works fine for all the attached network printers,
except one (off course: the one where I need it the most).

It works fine for:
- Brother HL-4200CN
- RICOH Aficio 2018

it DOESN'T work for:
- Minolta magicolor 2200 DL

When I print to the Minolta, it appears in the queue, and then dissapears as
if it was sent off to the printer without problems. Yet, the printer doesn't
do anything: no error messages, nothing.

When comparing with the other printer types, the setup of the minolta is
exactly the same....

Any suggestions??


Alan Morris [MSFT]

I'm not sure the printer supports raw text data.

If the device is "GDI" or "Host based" most likely no go.

Something else you can try is set the Print Processor to Winprint (printer
Properties, Advanced).

Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
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Davide Guolo

Local machines: winxp SP3
server: Windows2003 SBS

it DOESN'T work for:
- Minolta magicolor 2200 DL

looks like that printer is a GDI (AKA Windows-Only) model, as no
"emulation" or "printer language" is mentioned at

If so, that printer cannot understand the simple data flow redirected by
the NET USE command. You need a program to capture the DOS job and
convert it into a GDI job before forwarding it to the printer, like
Please see

Hope this help.

aSwIt s.r.l. - Software solutions for legacy programs and batch files


Thx for the quick response everybody.

Looks like this is indeed the only remaining reason.

Had guys of Minolta over here today to install a new multifunctional, and
asked them too. They weren't sure either, and were going to ask around
(apparantly not easy since the relationship between minolta and QMS changed

I'll keep you posted if they come up with another solution.

Printfil is an option.



Tried the winprint thing (and all the other settings here for that matter)...

Looks like you're probably right that it's going to be a no go..

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