problems accessing the .ost file



I recently upgraded from Office XP to Office 2007. I have a laptop that
synronizes with my company's server via vpn. I've had problems even opening
Office every since. My IT coordinator had me remove the .ost file so Office
could rebuild it. That didn't work. He could open my Office profile from his
machine and view all my data with no issues. So he thought the file was
corrupt so he sent me the server's copy of my .ost file so I could paste it
into the proper folder so Oulook could access it. That didn't seem to work.
Now, when I open Outlook, it either errors without opening and does a forced
shutdown or it opens and it is blank. The .ost file is not being accessed as
it had the origial created date only. Any ideas? Thanks...

Roady [MVP]

Did you recreate your mail profile already? It is highly recommended after
an upgrade.

Note that Outlook XP's ost-file for offline usage isn't the same as the
ost-file that Outlook 2007 uses for Cached Exchange Mode. You'll find that
CEM is much more flexible.
Jun 17, 2011
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problems accessing the .ost file

some time we are not access ost file from exchange outlook.

Following Errors

problem virus attack and sudden system shutdown, exchange server crash, network connect failure, mailbox deleted.etc

that reason u can;t access ost file

Fix OST issues

I am using SysTools OST Reccovery tool to fix corrupt and damaged ost file with small time without losing data :-

Try it Demo :-

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