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Hello to all,


Windows SBS2003 server and 8 clients with Windows XP.

All users emails working fine except one.

A third-party who has access to the server (due to office politics!!!), has
moved one of the users OST files to the server, and now that user gets error
messages when opening outlook. Am I correct to assume that the OST file can
simply be moved back to the original location in order to function properly
again? They use Exchange and Outlook 2003.

Many kind regards,

Hal Hostetler [MVP P/I]

An OST is a shadow copy of an Exchange Server mailbox which allows one to
work offline. The simplest thing to do is let Outlook recreate the file. I
believe all you need to do is turn off cached Exchange mode, restart
Outlook, turn cached mode back on and restart Outlook again.

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