Problem with roaming profiles and log off on W200 terminal server after applying SP4



The problems is as follows. We are running Windows 2000 Terminal Server.
After applying SP 4 the log off procedure is very very slow, roaming
profiles does not work, and cached roaming profiles is not removed when
users have logged off. I have used MMC and activated "Do not check for user
ownership of Roaming Profiles Folders" and "Delete cached copies of roaming
profiles". clearly this is a problem that has to do with the users rights on
the server because the Admin account does not have the rp-problem. This
means that the SP4 changes the users rights on th T-server. But as far as I
have been able to find out the enabling of the "do not check..." parametre
should fix this - but it did not. what should I do? I have applied hotfix
827825 and 828153 but id did not help.


Could you post the link to get these patches? Or the only
option is by calling MS.

A couple of thing you can also check:

-Make sure users have Full Access
to Documents and settings folder
-Make sure "Default User" folder exist inside Doc and Sett

-Download OH utility from MS to identify the application
that locked the registry.


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