problem with my old .PST file



I have my .pst file size 1.96 GB. my Out look personel
foder stop working suddenly.
I receive an error meesage --
Quit all mail-enabled
application, and then use the inbox repair tool. I have
had to create a new
personnel folder PST file and import folders/files from my
backup. Outlook will no longer open my old outlook file -
I get the message "Properties for this information service
must be defined prior to use."
Then I run Oversized PST recovery tool three times, and I
trimmed size upto 300mb. Recovery tool is working fine.
after that when I run Inbox repair tool, it is saying"
Anerror has occured which caused the scan to to be
stopped. Nochanges have been made to the scanned file.
In the log it is giving the Error: Fatal error:80040116.
This Error is MAPI_E_DISK_ERROR."There was a problem
writing to or reading from disk."
I have important data inmy outlook. Any help in this
mateer is highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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