Problem with Links bar



In IE, I have folders in my Links bar, which (obviously) have shortcuts to
web pages.

Now, when I use the Links bar to access these shortcuts in folders, it acts
rather funny.

Either it opens the link in the current window I'm selecting it from (which
I want to happen), or (more often than not) it opens the link in an existing
window I have open and don't want to loose the content.

However, when I select the links from the Favorites menu (Favorites >> Linksthe links on the Links bar itself (i.e. no folders) - but I have far too many
shortcuts to do this!

Could anybody please offer a solution to this problem? It's driving me insane!

Rob Parsons

Hi Lee,
Yes I did my own tests and the behavior you described does occur. Here's
First go to Internet Options, Advanced tab and uncheck 'Reuse windows for
launching shortcuts'. Save your changes and then close and restart IE.
Now when you click on a orphaned link on your links bar the link will always
open in the current IE window. When you select the Open command for the same
link it will still open the link in the current window. I think this is
because IE is using an argument of window.external.menuarguments to identify
that the command to open the link is comming from the currently open browser

Now navigate to a folder on your links bar and click on a nested link. The
link will again open in the current IE window.
Now right click on the same link and choose the Open command. Hey! It opens
in a New Window.

I think that what is happening is that when a link is called within a links
folder it does not have a handle back to the current window and that there
is a difference between clicking a link and choosing the Open command (one
may use a Navigate method, the other a WinExecute api call)

In fact when you look in the Registry at HKCR\linkfile you will see that it
has its own special ContextMenuHandlers

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