problem with 20 inch widescreen monitors and desktop icon locations



Hi, i have a 20' widescreen lcd monitor. The default resolution is
1680x1050. On windows xp, if i place some shortcut icons on right most
edge of the screen and switch to another user, icons lose their
locations when i turn back to my user again. Both users have the same
resolution but after switching users, icons come to 1280 pixel border
instead of 1680. I checked this with other computers which have 20'
widescreen monitor also and they have the same problem. Anyone have
idea about this problem.


Richard Urban

How much RAM do you have in your computer?

The switch user mode is RAM intensive. If there is insufficient RAM to
switch you may be losing some things that the system deems insignificant,
such as fresh icon placement. A reboot should lock in your desktop and ,
hopefully, prevent the icons from being moved.

If a reboot does indeed work, I would suggest you add more RAM.

I, at one time, had severe problems with 384 meg of ram. I upgraded the
computer to 1 gig and everything worked fine.



Richard Urban
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Hi, i have 2 gb of ram installed. I don't think ram should be the
reason in this case.


MowGreen [MVP]

Depends upon what the question is. Since you've posted a reply to no
thread ... there is no question and no answer.

MowGreen [MVP 2003-2007]
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