Extended Desktop Question


Kent McPherson

I have two monitors with the extended desktop enabled. I used to have two
17 monitors and everything worked great. I just bought a new 20" widescreen
monitor and have that connected as my 2nd monitor. I'm running the 17"
monitor #1 at 1152x864 and the 20" monitor #2 at 1440x900. The problem I'm
having is getting windows to expand to full screen properly. If expand on
montiro #1, they actually leave about a half inch of space on the top and
extend below the viewable bottom of the monitor. If I drag the window over
to monitor #2, it expands fine. If I then drag it bag to #1, it opens to
the full screen fine then too. I have an Nvidia GeForce 7600 GS video card.

Does XP require the same horizontal resolution for this to work properly or
should I be able to set two different resolutions without problems?


Go to windows media home page/downloads,try encoder,look for exhibitor
pro,the software is specifically for 2 or more monitors running at same

Kent McPherson

Did you mean the Microsoft Windows Media Center download area? I searched
there and didn't see anything call Exhibitor Pro.

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