Problem with 12-in-1 USB card reader. Can detect SMC but not CFC MNC MSC


Kulawat Wongsaroj


When I plug my 12-in-1 USB card reader to my Windows 2000
laptop, it can detect "Generic USB Storage-SMC USB Device"
but not CFC, MNC or MSC. It works just fine on the other
laptop of my friend which has exact model and service pack
(SP4). It also works fine on my XP box.

I try to uninstall the USB Mass Storage Device, and
GENERIC USB Storage-SMC USB Device so that it can re-
detect but it still does not work. It only find one
logical drive (F:) instead of 4 drives (F: G: H: I:)
whichi is the way it is supposed to be. Any advice?



BTW, I have SP4 which I assume should fix the problem with
multiple LUN for USB storage drive. I also try to remove
all hidden USB devices but it does not seem to work.

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