Problem spoolsv.exe using excessive CPU process time


Nick Danger

I can't be sure but I think this problem started after I
installed a USB 2.0 card on my XP system. My printer is
an older EPSON C80 and always worked fine.. it still
prints great! now every time I boot -- even If I don't
print, spoolsv.exe is running as a system process. on a
normal system this would only become active during a
print process and lay idle using 0 - 2 CPU processes. My
spoolsv.exe is running at 50 - 75 percent of the CPU and
won't give it up even if I uninstall the printer. I have
to kill the process 6 - 7 time before it will stay
killed. Of course at that point the printer
is "uninstalled" and you can no longer print until you re-

Has anyone had this experience;? if so what is causing
this? I've re-service pack 1 the system. I have the
latest virus scan dat and engine. used adaware and trojan
hunter but the system is clean. the only reference I've
come across related to spoolsv.exe using excess CPU
process time is when it fails to keep in communication
with windows terminal server on a win 2k system. This is
not the case on my system. any help would be appreciated.


Dan Rhoads

I am having the same problem with spoolsv.exe. It uses
98% of my CPU and makes the system run very slow. I have
two printers, Epson stylus color 800 and Epson Stylus
Photo 2200. The problem started about a month ago, long
after I installed the printers. I have spent about two
hours on the phone with Dell. They gave up and told me
to reinstall Windows XP.

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