spoolsv.exe using 50% of CPU constantly



Task manager tells me that the print spooler in XP Pro (spoolsv.exe) is
running constatnly and consuming fully 50% of the CPU. No other programs
running. Can you help with this problem? It only happens on one of four XP
Pro machines I use.

Alan Morris [MSFT]

Check the system eventlog for Print event 20 if one of the printers is a

Is the user not admin on the machine?

Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
Search the Microsoft Knowledge Base here:

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Linn Kubler


I have run into this problem also and here is one possible cause. If you
have Office 2003 installed it creates a local printer called Microsoft
Office Document Image Writer. This printer object will save your print job
to a file which can be read later by the Microsoft Office Document Imaging
program. This is all well and good except when there are no other local
printers on the computer.

In our case we use all networked printers and what happens is, when a user
logs into a system for the first time there is no default printer set. So
this Microsoft Document Image Writer is automatically selected as the
printer. My users don't understand this concept and when they print
something and the Save As dialog box comes up they simply 'X' out of it.
Unfortunately, all this does is close the dialog box and not cancel the
print job.

End result, there is a print job in the Microsoft Document Image Writer
queue that the computer desperately tries to print, but can't. So it works
it's little hind end off trying to print it driving the processor
utilization up to about 80% on my systems. This job will remain there until
the user deletes it, even after reboots.

Check your print queues, look for a printer with a job pending, that's
probably your culprit.

Sorry for the long winded story but I wanted to be clear.

Hope this helps,

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