Problem printing all worksheets in colour



Whe I go to print an excel 2007 spreadsheet with multiple worksheets,
select print entire workbook, set the printer to colour, but only the
selected worksheet prints in colour, all others in b&w. How can I get them
all to print in colour???



Gord Dibben

Each worksheet has its own print setup so color print has to be set on each
sheet. Setting the printer to "color" will not override sheet settings.

You can do this by right-click on first sheet and "Select all Sheets"

Go through print setup for activesheet and will be done to all.

When print setup is complete ungroup the sheets.

Now when you print entire workbook, all sheets will print in color.

NOTE: when performing a grouped print setup all sheets get same print
options as the activesheet.

ALL does not include print range and rows to repeat at top.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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