Problem installing Vista Build 5365 and 5381




Currently, I am having some issue installing Vista 5365 and 5381 into my
system. My system is configured such that c:\ has no OS installed and is 2
GB, D:\ has XP installed and is 6GB, E: is for Vista and is 10GB. When I try
to install Vista into E:\, everything proceed normally till the "Copying
Windows Files" stage, where the system prompt that

"Setup was unable to locate a locally attached hard drive suitable for
holding temporary Setup files."

Can anyone tell me what might be causing this issue and how to resolve it? I
have no issue installing Vista 5308, 5344. Only 5365 onwards do the issue

Thanks for any help.


Zack Whittaker

Hmmm... might be a long shot but I've found that most problems with Setup
can actually be fixed by simply copying the contents of the un-ISO'd DVD
onto a folder on the Desktop, running the setup from there.

If that still doesn't work, try a reburn of the ISO perhaps.

Zack Whittaker
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For Visdta 5365 and 5381, I try to install both of them from within XP and
select the 10GB partition. I managed to get Vista 5365 to install once, but
not 5381.

Regarding the possible requirement for Vista 5381 to need 15GB minimum, is
this confirm? I remember in the past when the installation requires more
space than the partition, the installation would not allow me to proceed. I
will try to change the partition to be 16GB and try again.




Hi Andre,

Thanks for the advise. I've managed to install Vista 5381 successfully after
changing the partition size to 15GB. Maybe the Vista installer can be more
explicit about the requirements. :)


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