Problem installing software



I have only run into this once before when I was trying to install a game so
I ignored it, but now I am trying to load software for work. I run the
setup.exe program associated with my software, the little hourglass appears
beside my cursor, and then nothing happens at all. No setup program. If I
CNTRL-ALT-DEL and look at the processes, setup.exe. appears to be running but
nothing is happening at all. So needless to say, I am not able to install my

Maurice N ~ MVP

Before attempting the setup, I'd suggest closing your open user programs to lighten the load on processor.
What is the program? Did you check with their support site for tips? Better yet, look for the Readme file on the "install" disk. Find it and read it.

Take a look at the XP system's Event Log:
Select Start button/ select Run , then type in

-- or Go to Control Panel / Performance and Maintenance/Administrative Tools >Event Viewer.

Review the sections and look for Errors or Warnings that match the time the event occurred. Double click---the information "may" give a clue.

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