Problem installing Nikon Coolscan III LS30 Scanner


Paul Ferguson

I am trying to install the Nikon Coolscan III LS30 scanner on a new
Windows XP system. I have installed the ASPI layer from Adaptec. I
downloaded the latest Nikon software -- Nikon Scan 3.1.2 for Windows.

I installed the SCSI card that came with my scanner. When I boot XP,
it finds the Coolscan III as new hardware and wants to install the
driver for it. I cannot find this driver. The Nikon Scan files include
an INF folder, but the only files are named LS40, LS2000, LS4000, and
LS8000. There is not an LS30 folder.

I did install the Nikon Scan program and executed it with my scanner
attached to the SCSI card. I am able to scan a slide, but every time I
reboot, XP finds the Coolscan as "new hardware" and wants me to point
to the driver file.

When I look at Device Manager, The Coolscan III shows up with a
question mark under Other Devices. The Adaptec SCSI card shows up with
no question marks under SCSI and Raid controllers.

I assume I need to install the Coolscan III device driver. Where can I
find it?

Paul Ferguson

Paul Ferguson

Try here
This is the Nikon web site, there are XP drivers there for your scanner.

Thanks, but this is the same site I used to download the Nikon Scan
3.1.2 Full Version - Windows . They say "This is the full version
installer for Nikon Scan 3.1.2 for Windows. We suggest this update for
all owners of LS-4000/40/2000/30 film scanners."

I cannot find an INF for the LS30. There are INF's there for the LS
40, 2000, 4000, and 8000, but no 30. It is vey strange.


Paul Ferguson

I contacted Nikon Tech Suport via email. They responded within the
same day. The answer was:

"The driver for the Coolscan III is the same for the LS-2000. Please
direct the wizard to INF\LS2000\WinXP\NKScnXP.inf"

I tried it and all works OK now.

Jan 29, 2012
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Had all the problems mentioned but have now found the TOTAL SOLUTION!

Install Vue Scan from Hamrick, taking the option to install drivers. Once installed go to Device Manager, select the scanner and opt for update driver, pointing the driver location at C:\VueScan. This installs a driver that is certainly ok Vue Scan. It also got up and running by the same route an Epson GT-7000 scanner on my SCSI interface. This piece of kit was almost impossible to install years ago when new! The disc from Epson was useless and it took hours of technical support time to crack. The shortcut to the Vue Scan site is given below. It is a super bit of software with options for coping with film type, manufacturer, cleaning, age related fading etc. The flatbed scanning options are also vast, with save formats including pdf, tif jpeg etc.
Jan 14, 2006
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Blimey answering a thread that's nearly 9 years old!!!:eek:
Well so glad you found a solution.:p
May be you will be back in 2021 to offer us more of you wisdom!:sleep:

Well you have a nice day now.:wave:

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