problem importing .sld file



I have a problem making my touchscreen work in XP Embedded. I did
everything as it should. Created my component from the correct
drivers, and I checked that the repositories where there. Imported it
to the database. Created my image. And after the FBA finishes and I
login to the XP Embedded system as an administrator, the system tells
me that it cannot find a .sys (from the touchscreen). So I try to find
it in WINDOWS\System32\drivers from XP Embedded, and its not there. So
I reboot the system to normal XP, check this WINDOWS\System32\drivers
folder to see if the .sys file is there, and it is. So I dont
understand why in XP the file is there, and in XPE is not. Thats one

Then, I made some changes in the touchscreen .sld file and in my image
also, and when I try again to import the .sld file to the database,
now its not possible. It says that it cannot be done because the
folder (repositories) cannot be modified. So I check that Im loged in
as Administrator, and also check the properties of the folder. I am
Administrator, so I go to change the properties of the folder (uncheck
read only). But when I go back to check that the properties were in
fact changed to read/write, I discover that it still remains as "read

So now I cannot import my .sld file, and my touchscreen doesnt work.

Please if somebody can help, I'll be very grateful.



Sean Liming \(eMVP\)

There are two problems here:

1. Check the share permissions for the \Windows Embedded Data\Repositories
directory. You need to set permissions for FULL access not Read -only. This
will allow you to re-import SLD files. This is a known problem when the
tools get first setup.

2. In the SLd did you link the Repository to the Component? If you didn't
then this is the reason for the missing files, and possibly the "file not
found" errors at the end of the build.


Sean Liming /
XP Embedded Book Author - XP Embedded Advanced, XP Embedded Supplemental

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