Problem creating web service wrapper for VB6 COM DLL that calls C++ DLL


Mike K


I'm trying to wrap an existing VB 6 COM DLL as a VB.NET 2003 web
service. I was able to create web methods for each of the COM DLL's
methods I want to expose, but the one method in the COM DLL that
subsequently calls a C++ DLL fails. I get an error from the VB6 DLL:
ERROR: (453) Can't find DLL entry point PPD in MyDLL32.dll

The same method call works fine if I call the COM DLL from a compiled
VB6 client application.

I get the same DLL entry point error if I try to use the client VB6 app
in the VB6 IDE (COM DLL is alway compiled, never run in the VB6 IDE).

I'm not sure if VB.NET web services behave the same as the VB6 IDE in
some way, but essentially, I need find a way to make it work.

Any suggestions (other than re-write the C++ DLL) will be appreciated.




Mike K

Uh. Nevermind.

Used filemon to figure out where the webservice was looking for the C++
DLL and discovered another version of the C++ DLL that was missing the
entry point I had specified.

I guess I was confused by the places that the webservice did look for
the C++ DLL. It did not look in the
\inetpubs\wwwroot\<webservicename>\ directory, which is where it found
the COM DLL. It checked the framework directory and the rest of my
environment path variable, but not in the actual webservice directory.
Oh well. Live and learn.


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